Seven habits that rob us of the power


Lovers sit on a diet may be divided into three groups. Some (and minority) did manage, following sitting on a diet, to part with excess weight. The others did not - and they leave the attempts to restrict your dietary. Yet others stay awake and select all the new diets or beginning the same each time again.

It is these persistent fans diet are at risk. You always keep a sense of guilt and frustration complete a unfulfilled plans for gravity loss, try to punish all a more strict regimen, suffer from constant hunger (and frequently - from the lack of essential substances). However a result, you are broken again. No matter as trite, but will once again repeat itself: a diet want be balanced, and attempts to lose gravity successfully alone if you are accompanied by physical performance.

Third: chronic pain

Some men who experience chronic pain, for years put off a visit to a medical man, guided by considerations like: "Today, it seems easier - can do it stop hurting?".

However, studies show that among patients with depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and chronic pain, there are some similarities. This so-called dezaptatsionnaya reaction, which is expressed in muscle weakness, loss of appetite and libido, reduced physical action, restless sleep and small concentration. Such a person always feels exhausted, drained, and this greatly reduces a quality of life.

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