Moms share your experience: a bag to the hosp.


The 1-st cleaning a child with insufficient experience fraught with spray and wetting of a newly-done mother. How it may come in handy apron. For particularly sensitive mums handy notebook and pen - to write down impressions or, for example, what time and from which natural baby ate when pokakaesh and however on.



I strongly advise you make of the cheapest plaschevka couple of big bags with zipper and lots of pockets. This convenient pack. Admission mozheno bag to put in the pack. I did not enjoy a midwife praised bag.

And personally I needed an apron. I could not undercut the child is not fully vymoknuv itself. Newly saw a idea of?? integral apron jack-towel. Sensibly. Following time you'll make.

Right yet pick up a notebook and pen to record what warm feeding, how much cocoa, how much weightiness. Postpartum items in my head do not stay.

All tips with moms

A lamp on the clothespin, or any other mobile nightlight save when a House is not provided or the local dim lightness.

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