As dangerous cord entanglement


'The newborn - umbilical cord entanglement, "- said the medic upon a ultrasound, and a expectant mother immediately imagine terrible picture: precious baby struggling in the fetal waters, and his tender neck skin noose slowly squeezes... Do not panic! Umbilical cord - not a rope, and a newborn in a belly breath is not easy, however even if a "loop" and wrapped around his neck, a disaster did not happen - the oxygen and nutrients will continue to flow into a small body. Today let's deal with all of this in more detail.

What is a umbilical cord

The umbilical cord, she's umbilical cord, connects the cultivating fetus to a mother. This "string" consists of connective tissue, and 3-vessel disease: umbilical Vienna is with a placenta to the child rich in oxygen and nutrients to a arterial blood, and back by 2 umbilical arteries flowing venous blood from a baby food exchange. The unique gel-same substance called Wharton's jelly protects vessels with a umbilical cord compression. A more vartonova jelly, a thicker the cord (OK - 1.5-TWO centimeters) - respectively, Vienna and arteries less likely adverse effects, and blood on them correct. Because of its structure, the umbilical cord can withstand substantial loads (tension, compression and twisting) without a harm to a fetus.

The umbilical cord may be long (70 cm), ordinary (56-70 cm) or short (40-55 cm). Pathological variant is alone a short umbilical cord is hindering the fetus to run down the birthday canal - this diagnosis is made at birth, and a only technique of supply will so be c-section.

Isolated single and multiple (two-, 3-, four-fold), and isolated (around one part of the body) and a combined (for example, around the neck and trunk or torso, and legs) cord entanglement.

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