Art therapy for pregnant women


Sand Therapy

To initiate this process also require careful equipment. Namely - the sandpit with strictly specified sizes 50h70h8 (with 50cm x 70cm - the size of the field, and 33 centimeters - depth). It is believed that such a size corresponding to the size of the field of vision. Also needed sand, aqua, and a collection of miniature characters (creatures, animals, plants, subjects, terrain, etc.). The bottom and sides sandbox need be painted in a color blue: a bottom symbolizes water, and the board - a sky.

Sandbox - it's your world. You require to imagine a situation in which you wish to work (for example, family conflict or having a newborn). It is possible to choose any figures and objects and arrange them in the sandbox. While It is possible to change the figures in some places, but following a alignment is complete and you keep said about this psychologist, nothing may substitute. Psychologist analyzes a resulting picture and tells you around possible problems in the perception of a situation, and then with you looking for options to overcome these problems.

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