Hip Dysplasia in Children


A incidence of dysplasia in varied countries is various. Most of all it is prevalent among American Indians and Lapps (up to 25 - 50 per 1, 000 live births), a least - among yuzhnokitaytsev and Africans. In Russia, according to different sources, and its frequency is approximately 1-TWO%.

According to Dr. Barlow (England, 1960), a frequency of dysplasia in infants is much higher - however 1 in 60 infants. How, 60% of infants and complete the age of one week dysplasia stabilize and to 2 weeks it is present in 88% of infants. And alone 12% of disease is longer.

Reasons dysplasia

The exact causes of a disease are unknown. Any risk factors can increase a chances of the newborn to get hip dysplasia, these comprise: gender, heredity, and the position in a womb earlier birthday.

Most girls are predisposed to the disease, among all infants with dysplasia, they account for 80%. Any great factor - the breech before supply. Among all infants with dysplasia about 20% were born in a breech position, while the average for the population frequency of breech presentation is much lower: some 2-4%.

First-born girl in breech presentation has a greatest risk of dysplasia, particularly if a disease is detected and her parents. In this case, a baby is 10 minutes more likely than children with uncomplicated heredity.

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