Seven habits that rob us of the power


The lack of oxygen from permanent stay in a stifling rooms slows down the metabolism and causes fatigue. Council "more walk following work", alas, will benefit not everyone. So you can be out at a other: 1st, there are oxygen cocktails, and secondly, It is possible to change the breathing approach. Throughout the day, we breathe superficially, doing shallow breaths. It should be given at least a few minutes a day to "to prodyshatsya" doing slow, deep breaths, or refer to relaxation breath techniques.

Seven, the lack of movement

Inactivity does not lead to economy of force: a muscles lose a tone with no downloading, eventually disappears and energy. In addition, physical activity reduces a risk of not alone heart disease, but the risk of depression and has been shown to affect a life span. Researchers at a University of South Carolina for 12 years, carried out observations of a group of 2, 600 elderly men. It was found that physical action influences life expectancy is much stronger than even a presence of a normal aging body gravity index. In other words, whether stout or thin, if it a lot of time upon a time is spent on a run, he will live longer.

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