Seven habits that rob us of the power


Our everyday household habits often lead to what forces we are less and less. Such habits, at least seven.

1-st: a regular lack of sleep

According to statistics, in a 60 years of a last century the average person assigned to sleep 55 hours, at the present time - about the size of 6.5. We get become less sleep because of the accelerated pace of your, are forced into a growing number of cases. But apart with that the number of men suffering with sleep disorders (eg, because of the stress).

Many are trying to do up for a lack of sleep complete a weekend, indulging in so-called "sleeping bulimia" - that is, until the middle of riprap Saturday. Much good it does not work. Researchers with Northwestern University (Illinois) keep shown that lack of sleep, accumulated complete several hours, It is possible to not compensate for a time. A fact that a lack of sleep upon a time without affecting the aging body is able to compensate for the following day. Systematic failure to obtain "compensation" for a any hours in a row, resulting in irritability, depressed mood and obesity.

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