Art therapy for pregnant gerls


Drawing with sand

Working with a substance like sand itself is harmonizing and calming. Unlike paint colors to paint your own houses with sand is unlikely to succeed - it needs much of particular equipment: polish small calcined sand table to a surface of Plexiglas and lower illumination.

For employment recruited a group of 4 men. The program consists of 10 lessons of 2 hours each. Earlier the occupation of next mothers talking psychologist, and in a process of communication chosen topic that any of the women would like to work.

Sand to draw and paint as well, that is intuitive. At first, she just sits down and creates a chaotic and "erases" anything on his desk. Then it starts to look same something - a person, a figure, object, landscape or abstract. Once the image is ready, it analyzes a psychologist (in conjunction with the story of the author's picture).

In drawing the sand is more serious that the picture can always be changed, there is nothing permanent. In terms of therapy, it is great to overcome the phobias - you modeliruesh situation, then modify it as you want.

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