What are treated by laparoscopy


Laparoscopy - a modern surgical therapy of varied diseases. To perform a operation using a especial device - a laparoscope, which is a tube with an optical system how that a medical man can literally look inside his patient. Widespread apply of this method is found in a therapy of infertility, to date, with the help treat more than 50% of all cases of this disease.

As does this work

1st, laparoscopy may be used to establish and confirm the diagnosis - is it infertility, and what, in fact, there are many of its species. To do this, a physician can not alone consider in detail a screen laparoscope affected organ (uterus, ovary or the other) to record pictures on a disk, consult with colleagues and pick up a biopsy - "pinch off a a small piece", then to test it under a microscope. This is called "diagnostic laparoscopy."

Diseases that may be diagnosed by laparoscopy:

• ovarian cysts and polycystic;

• inflammation of a pelvis and uterus;

• adhesions in a pelvis, resulting in obstruction of pipes;

• uterine fibroids and other tumors;

• external endometriosis.

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