Meeting mother from the hosp.: Tips for Dads


But all this is not enough to buy - you also need to thoroughly equip the newborn (or the apartment where the baby is sleeping.) For example, to collect a bed. To put it in the right put: not the battery, not the pvc window, not a wood door. It would be fine to hang around crib night light: it's tight to get up at night to the child in the pitch colored, and lots of sunshine do not request to comprise.

And it would be wise to equipment changing table - a place where It is possible to disguise the newborn. And all novokuplennoe clothes for the baby would be beautiful to throw in a ablution machine and ablution with baby powder.

Pram, scales, various rattles, child monitor, ear sticks, scissors for cutting nails and other necessary (and not however) items It is possible to buy a small later - per day or 2 after arriving home mom with a newborn.

Feast - the mountain!

What last thing I want to do an average woman 18 years old who has just arrived home with a hosp.? That's rightly, run by grocery stores, then cook for a some times in advance. As be sure to score a refrigerator items, but certainly tasty and healthy. Hardly a nursing mom will be pleased abundance smoked sausages, egg, mushrooms, and protein. These seemingly harmless fresh fruits and vegetables, similar cucumbers, grapes, melons, and watermelons to her at the present time, too, strangely enough, not shown. If mom eat them, it can cause bloating of the child.

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