Mums share your experience: how to skin with the hosp.



I do not similar the ceremony to plant. The first time I met her husband and parents, and the second and third only man with an older daughter. God save us with the bunch of balls - for them a second car with a driver need?



Yes, extremely much depends on the mum's heartiness and mood.. I terribly wanted to go home... Put a shower and sleep... A baby of the the birth I was given only on a 3-rd day (later my tantrum) so I just wanted to keep it, not stupid surround bouquet "I do not remember with what," which fetched helpmate. Bunch, by the technique the car broke down, because in November in a "Six" cramped 5 of + child. I am more glad I did not photographed, so Vidocq had one yet! + favorite coat did not agree with me

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