Mothers share their experience: how to face with the infirmary



I do not similar the ceremony to plant. A first time I met her helpmate and parents, and the second and 3-rd alone man with an older daughter. God save us with a bunch of balls - for them a second car with a driver want?



Yes, extremely much depends on a mum's health and mood.. I terribly wanted to go home... Take a shower and sleep... A child after the birthday I was given alone on a third time (later my tantrum) as I just wanted to keep it, not stupid surround bouquet "I do not remember from what," which fetched husband. Bunch, by the technique the car broke down, because in November in the "6" cramped 5 of + newborn. I am very glad I did not photographed, how Vidocq had one along! + loved coat did not agree with me

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