The 1st bride of the child


You barely keep time to check out of the infirmary, so friends and relatives along call you with a matter: "Well, how's a newborn? Can not wait to see him! ". When and how to arrange newborn bride?

Wait time

The tradition of the bride hold the baby came a more long time. Our ancestors did not show someone the newborn and not told around it until a 40th day following birth. During this time, time to christen the child and it was thought that, currently that he is protected from a evil eye, it finally can be introduced to the world.

Today, too, it is believed that the 1st 30 days of a child's life better than no show. But not for reasons of a evil eye, and on the reference of pediatricians - immunity child has not yet formed, and a man who seems healthy can award him any infection, of which he is a carrier.

In addition, a mother and baby to have used to each other, and a constant flow of visitors can prevent them fine tune an emotional connection. In addition, approximately babies may scare foreign voices and smells - however a effect you will beginning to act up. And the constant visits may prevent mother to set up not yet established regimen crumbs - she wants to stay with the guests, which is why she prefers "doderzhat" baby and put him to sleep, while guests will not leave because of what a baby may easily raskapriznichatsya.

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