The first bride of the baby


Of course, we do not suggest you to give a gate turn everything, including the moms and dads (well, however you do not show the grandson or granddaughter?) - Just wait on numerous visits to friends and relatives of a first round (aunts and uncles, cousins, colleagues for work). But even if you solve to call someone in a 1st month of your, do not hesitate to ask this man (even at home mother), whether he feels at the present time and was sick with anything newly. If a guests are going to pick up a babies with them, ask not whether infants are sick and there are no quarantine in kindergarten or school. Specifically upon epidemics of influenza and acute respiratory diseases.

Come, dear guests!

However, the 1st 30 days of life behind, you get get accustomed to a role of mother and you can not wait to introduce to your miracle of all.

1. A first item to be taken maintenance - an organization celebratory feast. But the prettily mum not to culinary delights, however if guests will be a little bit, It is possible to limit a tea party with some original patty, custom done. Addition to this may be a wine or champagne and fruit. If a intention is a big holiday, you possess to start preparing for it for a duo of days. On a role of helpers for preparing vacation meals usually called my mother in-law, sister or closest friends.

By a way, before the well-known view that a nursing mother, nothing can be red, orange, and other acute, because it may cause allergies in babies, is no longer relevant. Contemporary pediatricians believe in reasonable quantities mom can eat whatever you want, without restriction. So you eat these foods upon gestation, a body crumbs used to them and allergies may not be afraid (of course, if you have not a citrus and chocolate kilograms).

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